Airport Lahr (EDTL)


Actual Information:

Customs report still required!

Due to current events, we are repeatedly asked whether, according to the information currently circulating, an “EU customs declaration” for a cross-border flight from or to a third country is necessary.
A distinction must be made between
– Customs declaration according to EU law
– Customs report according to German law (still required)
Please note the detailed PDF “customs information

(Yes, we still need your PPR Request for “customs & immigration“)

Please note our fees regulation valid from 01. January 2022.
or by phone +49 7821 994 200

aerodrome operator:


The aerodrome operator – the Lahrer Flugbetriebs GmbH & Co. KG –
is pleased to offer you excellent service under management by
Wolfgang Pieles who heartenly welcomes you to the Airport Lahr.

Shareholder is Dr. Martin Herrenknecht  supported by Europapark Rust.

A highly motivated  OPS team under leadership by Kristopher Kurz serves you with excellent service.
Phone: +49-7821-994-200 I Fax: +49-7821-994-253

Short facts – airport lahr:

  • Located directly at the A5 motorway (Karlsruhe/Basel) at junction 56 Lahr
  • The strongest runway (PCN 100) in the region
  • Modern ILS and extensive apron-space (60.000m²)
  • Cargo centre with extensive areas for business development
  • France/Strasbourg – 30 km, Swiss/Basel – 100 km, Frankfurt – 200 km