customs & immigration


Due to current events, we are repeatedly asked whether, according to the information currently circulating, an “EU customs declaration” for a cross-border flight from or to a third country is still necessary.
We try to clarify with the following explanations:

  • The customs declaration (according EU law) relates to the vehicles and goods carried.
  • The customs report (according german law) concerns the airport used.

Summary of customs information as PDF (177 KB)


Customs handling for non-commercial flights originating or with their destination in a non-EU country, must be reported to Ops no later than two hours before the planned landing or departure.

Commercial flights carrying passengers and / or cargo need a waiver from the customs airport obligation. This waiver must be applied for asap, at least 3 working days in advance through Ops.

to enable customs declaration you have to provide:

  • aircraft registration
  • departure-/ landing airport / country
  • planned departure/arrival time
  • number and nationality of persons on board
  • name and postal address of pilot (responsible pilot)


Immigration procedures for all flights from or to countries who have not joined the Schengen treaty (Non-Schengen-countries) must be requested through Ops no later than two hours before the planned landing or departure.

Airport Lahr Operations:
or phone +49 7821 994 200
pilot information as PDF (23 KB)