operating hours



The Airport Lahr is open according to the published AIP opening hours.

0800-2000 loc (Summer (DST): 0600 – 1800 UTC, Winter: 0700 – 1900 UTC)
PPR 0600-0800 loc
PPR 2000-2400 loc

Sat, Sun, Hol
0900-1800 loc (Summer (DST): 0700 – 1600 UTC, Winter: 0800 – 1700 UTC)
PPR 0600-0900 loc
PPR 1800-2400 loc


VFR flights are unrestricted.
ATC(CTR) is available Mo.-Fr. during opening hours,
and usually on Sat, Sun, Hol.

PPR-requests should be directed to OPS:
or by phone +49 7821 994 200

All flights above 14 t MTOM, Powered Gliders, Microlights and outside operational hours are under PPR

AVGAS-fuel pump and JET A1 truck are available.

For actual information see valid NOTAM.

download detailed pilot information PDF (23 KB)