110925 EG_386-1
September 25, 2011
Pope Benedikt XVI. leaving Germany from Airport Lahr.
Pictures: Pope Benedikt XVI. – ceremony in Lahr
Photographer: Elke Huber
110924 EG_304-1September 24, 2011
His Holyness Pope Benedikt XVI. arrives at Airport Lahr.
Pictures: Pope Benedikt XVI. at Lahr Airport
Photographer: Elke Huber
110617_EG_193June 17, 2011
Connie back in European Sky
The Super Constellation HB-RSC has left Lahr airport to fly to Air Shows all over Europe. In October 2011 she’ll be back for Maintenance in the hangars of Lahr Airport.
Pictures: Super Constellation HB-RSC flying
Photographer: Elke Huber
110430_EG_081April 30, 2011
Roll-Out of the Connie
After 18 Months of maintenance break, the Connie looks younger than ever. 2000 hours of wing restauration, engine maintenance and a faboulous new varnish made the Roll-Out at Lahr airport a real Connie-Rebirth.
Pictures: Connie-Rebirth
Photographer: Elke Huber
101210_BFAL_609_Dec 10, 2010
Merkel and Sarkozy at Lahr airport
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived at Lahr airport to take part in the French-German Summit in Freiburg.
Pictures: French-German Summit
Photographer: Elke Huber
100516 BFAL_417Mai 13-16, 2010
Motoren & Power Fare
Due to unfavourable weather conditions, only few ancient aircraft found their way to Lahr airport, but nevertheless the fare offered many other attractions and 18.000 Visitors at 4 days are the evidence enough to say this event was a big success.
Pictures: Motoren&Power 2010
Photographer: Elke Huber
Mai 16, 2010
L-39 C private flight in a fighter aircraft
At the Motoren & Power Fare 2010 a private person took the chance to fly as Co-Pilot in an ancient fighter aircraft, looping and head over feet manoeuvers included.
Pictures: fighter aircraft pictures
Slideshow-IntroBest of 2009
OTAN-SUMMIT, Europa-Park flights, VIP-Charter…
Pictures: 2009 Highlights
Photographer: Elke Huber